ALKA CHADHA HARPALANI, a "Earth Hero" artist from India, will be featured today at ECO AWARE ART GALLERY. She is making art out of discarded papers and playing a role in environmental protection. That is why she is being introduced as an Earth Hero.

These mixed media paintings are a reflection of a quest on the road of discovering oneself, a reflection of moving realities with overlapping frames like college days, love, togetherness, nostalgia, valuable relics like letters that never go out of style; digging deep into self.

In some ways, the works resemble a visual journal, with several layers of effects and paper collage adding significance to observation and experience.

There is a representation for incorporating personal sensations, which aids in the creation of visual diversity. An endeavour to broaden oneself may be recognised through a balanced combination of intellect and judgement.
Every detail, when examined attentively, will provide a representation of the artist's belief, thoughts, or self-experience.

'Creation' has been a unique universe for artists, where personalised expression opens a portal to impulse and images; full of beauty, tranquillity, simplicity, amazement, spirituality, anxiety, investigations and experiments, where the truth of the world lies deep beyond the veil of colours and expressions.

Her work is a mix of photographs, textures, and calligraphy that frequently serves as a design in the backdrop. Finding meanings in torn paper, misprints portraying something or nothing concept, railway and flight tickets, platform tickets, original old receipts of sewing machines, envelope of photo prints, pieces of letters, bar code, newspaper cuttings with sudoku, and even discarded aquatint print reflecting college days, each page reflects similar or varied thought and stimulates the imagination further.

Drawings of the feet were made on random paper when travelling on trains, immigration paperwork from my father, old invoices, and so on, all of which were utilised to give structure to compositions.


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