Introducing Joko Supriyono is a Javanese painter who was born in Yogyakarta, Java, on December 17, 1984.
 He leads them on his canvas to a more colorful and expressive world. These works are his stories, but in the meanwhile, he introduces them as a beginning of a world or an idea, with the door open for those who maybe want to see their own world, displayed in color!.

He is a thinker who thinks beyond the box and expresses himself via his work.

Joko's-world! He lives in his own universe! As a result, he might create the idea that everything that happens in the world has no bearing on him! As you can see in his art, he has a humorous playfulness about him!


However, his art delves deeply into life's occurrences, and it is there that you may see a peek of his intellect and spirit!

There's always something he doesn't say or share, and I believe he prefers to convey his love for people and life via his art rather than in the actual world.

Certain aspects appear in each of his works; they all have a symbolic importance, and they emerge with the same loyalty as his love for his nation, culture, and family.

 He takes them on a journey through his painting to a more vibrant and expressive world. These works are his stories, but he offers them as the start of an universe or a concept, leaving the door open for anyone who would like to see their own world in colour!


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