JUSTYNA TALIK is a new artist to the ECO AWARE ART GALLERY. Czstochowa native Justyna Talik was born in 1987. Master of Arts, beginning November28, 2017. Watercolor painting is something I enjoy doing a lot. Since the fall of 2012, I've been a member of the Polish Watercolor Association (SAP). She enjoys working outside, attempting to keep up with the shifting light. The Jura Krakowsko - Czstochowska districts are very near to her; they are stunning limestone settings. It works well with miniature paper sizes, as evidenced by participation in the International Miniature Biennale (Czstochowa 2016 and 2018) and Small Art Forms (Rzeszów 2016), as well as a master's certificate with 518 watercolour miniatures. Always on the lookout for fresh ideas for watercolour painting and other creative endeavours.

In exchange for continuing forward with this painting style, I was granted a lot of options by accepting the unexpected nature of watercolours. Watercolors are by definition light and delicate, yet they may also take on a more assertive shape, with vibrant, dynamic, and bright hues. What's to stop you? It is entirely dependent on the artist. You may work with the colour spot itself, and the colours will merge freely, merging into a whole new hue that is still fresh and breathable... as long as we know how to do it. I enjoy watercolours with added lines because they allow me to integrate a sketching aspect while also structuring the painting's area. I paint everything; I'm not restricted by subject matter. With my art, I hope to bring the audience closer to the beauty that we frequently overlook in everyday life. I am very sensitive to light and colour, and they are typically the most essential components to me.

The Polish Watercolor Association will hold a painting exhibition at Galeria Kwadart in Gorzów Wielkopolski from March 14 to April 5, 2020. PGE Giganty Mocy MCK, Bechatów, 31 January - 29 February 2020, Watercolor - painting exhibition of the Polish Watercolor Association. Another Reality, a drawing exhibition, will run from January 7 to January 30, 2020, in the Gallery of the University Library of the Jagiellonian University in Czstochowa.


  1. Συγχαρητήρια Στέλλα, η δουλειά σου είναι καταπληκτική, με ιδιαίτερο χαρακτήρα και απίστευτο γούστο!


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