Introducing Eco warrior artist PRASOON PODDAR, He is Patna , Bihar (INDIA) based artist. He completed his Bachelors in 2010 and Masters in 2012, in Painting subject from Jamia Milia Islamia Delhi.Prasoon, who has participated in many Art Camps and Exhibitions, has a very different style of functioning. On asking him, he tells that he makes his artwork from e-waste.


Through this work, I hope to challenge the single point of view that limits how we perceive and define the world around us.

Any given object or work of art has multiple dimensions and contains a plethora of stories within its frames.

This piece captures the idea of mindless urbanisation, which is frequently justified as necessary 'development.

High-rise buildings now characterise the majority of our cities and their development. And its beauty is frequently defined by its skyscrapers, carefully designed garden layouts, and modern amenities.

In this context, the frame aims to raise questions about the concept of beauty and to encourage viewers to consider and question the price that our spaces and natural surroundings are constantly paying in order to be transformed from their natural state of beauty to something that can meet the definition of'modern and urban'.

I made this piece of art out of waste materials. The material is frequently discarded as garbage and will fall at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to defining beauty.

 The usage of material is a deliberate choice with the goal of quietly encouraging viewers to question the idea of 'beautiful.' I want to encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and try to preserve them through this piece of work. In addition, I'd like to encourage people to reconsider the concept of "progress" and reinterpret it to be more inclusive.



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