Today, ECO AWARE ART GALLERY introduces Turkish artist Elif Elebi. While creating her works, Elif Elebi is motivated by the performing arts. The artist pulls the observer out of a real space phenomena and transports them to non-existent, fictitious realms free of gravity in his compositions where beings in motion are blended with nature. We spoke with Elebi about his schooling, creative practise, and future aspirations. Elebi employs a variety of methods in his work, but mostly concentrates on engraving. Elif Elebi is a senior at Anadolu University's Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Printing Arts, where she is continuing her education.

With four years of education, I learnt a lot. I had a good, high-quality education. I gained a lot of knowledge about printing processes as well as modern art. My instructors, of course, had a significant role in this. Our institution also boasts Turkey's most extensive and authoritative printing workshop. This was a fantastic experience for both me and other kids. We got the opportunity to learn through observing and participating in a variety of methods and manufacturing processes. The engraving method with which I am most comfortable and enjoy working. Because it also allows for new ideas and experimentation. Engraving is a highly specialised and time-consuming profession. You really need to be dedicated to accomplishing this work, as one of my teachers remarked, and I gave it my best.

While some artists focus on their inner worlds when creating their works, others are more concerned with the outside world and their surrounds. Others' creations incorporate both of these elements. I'm one of those that prefers to look at both and blend them together. Because that's the way life goes... A combination of our inner and outside worlds.

He talked about how we were born with the ability to learn how to dream, and that individuals who lived before us taught us how to dream in line with the societal dream in a book I read. We devote all of a child's attention when he is born to the numerous rules of the social fantasy. We strive to get him to understand the rules and follow them. So, there's a continually spinning wheel, a mechanism, a system, and the drawback is that it applies to everything. Without even recognising it, we come to terms with these rules in society. Actually, this is a quite broad topic... My paintings have gaps and movement, which arose from my interest in stage, theatre, dance, and music. Every time I saw a theatre or dance performance, I was struck by how brilliantly the performers utilised the empty stage. The motions of the dancers in space, in particular, thrill and inspire me much. The grounds for focusing on these notions are 'human and society, emptiness and movement.'
Yes, pictures of nature and nature are among the images I used to boost my expression in my works when writing fiction. I absorbed the applause at the end of a theatrical production I saw in 2012, as well as the actors' feelings of pride and delight. My eyes were filled with the players at the end of each game after that. I grew to be as ecstatic as they were. For me, the role of performing arts is extremely different, and it is one of my sources of inspiration. For example, I have often watched the same plays just because the stage scenery, lighting, or costumes captivated me. Choreographies in musical theatre, operas, and ballets also fascinate me. These are occasionally mirrored in my work through the figures I employ.
Many of us still reside in urban areas. We are encircled by concrete on all four sides. From my house window, I can see a little sky and a few clouds over the mounds of buildings. In addition, there are two or three trees attempting to live on a sidewalk... So here is the only location I can see myself when I gaze out the window: amid the clouds in the sky, above the trees... I blend this with the previously described performative components. For a long time, I've been producing my works in this manner. Nowadays, I like to use the same shapes to create diverse and imaginary settings. Because everything, including ideas and sentiments, evolves through time. My current views and sentiments are in favour of creating various locations.

My professors at the time always admired the images I created in primary school. Because I enjoy working with paint. I was squandering my time working on a painting. I enjoyed studying in great depth. Then, in middle school, I became an excellent art instructor. Without my knowledge, he entered a photograph I had created in the contest, and my photograph was rated second. Those were unforgettable occasions for me... Again, I had created a really intricate artwork with a lot of minute details, and it had been recognised. It was my first painting triumph, and I was overjoyed. Following that, I always completed my classmates' painting assignments in middle school. We were working on replicas at the time, and I was painting both my own and my students' images. I've worked on a number of replicas because of them. One of the things that helped me the most was this. In a vocational high school, I studied in a completely different department. Actually, I'd want to talk about it for a minute. From the child development and education department, I received special education training (teaching for the mentally impaired) and completed a one-year internship. This was a whole new experience for me.It was a challenging procedure, but it was really beneficial to me. First and foremost, I learnt to be patient in all aspects of my life. I realised how difficult and time-consuming it is to put effort into anything. However, when I put in the effort, I discovered that good outcomes are always possible. My guidance has always been what I learnt at university. It aided in the development of my work ethic. In whatever I do, I've learned to be patient. I discovered how difficult and time-consuming it is to put out effort. However, when I put in more effort, I discovered that good outcomes are always possible. My compass has always been what I learnt in university. It aided in the formation of my work ethic. In whatever I do, I learnt to be patient. I discovered how difficult and time-consuming it is to put out effort. However, when I put in more effort, I discovered that good outcomes are always possible. My compass has always been what I learnt in university. It aided in the formation of my work ethic.

I've been following and following the platforms that would inspire me and assist me to progress on social media since I entered university, even before I started. One of these platforms was Art50.net. It had a place in my thoughts because of its high-quality material, which accurately represented the artist and his works.With my graduation approaching, I began a search and made a to-do list for myself during the Covid-19 process. One among them was my desire to participate in this platform. In the background, there is a fantastic crew. Rather of formal relationships, it is a friendly, supportive group where anyone may reach out to anyone else at any time. It's a lovely arrangement in which artists and the platform help one other and flourish together.
There are so many artists who have influenced me and whose work I like that I can't possibly include them all here. Nancy Spero, on the other hand, was one of the first painters to inspire me. Marc Chagall is one of my favourite artists from the past. If today's Turkey, Levent Oyluçtarh inspires me by creating abstract works in a far different universe. If I had a vast budget, I would acquire numerous pieces by many artists that I admire, rather than just one. But, if I'm feeling sentimental, a painting by Yayoi Kusama would make me extremely pleased right now.
I'm going to keep practising my work by experimenting with new approaches. I like to create works employing a single method rather than a variety of approaches in a single region. The synergy formed by the usage of multiple materials enhances creativity when you start generating works in several areas. Because sometimes a single field, a single medium, is insufficient to convey yourself and your ideas. You're looking for various materials and procedures. For me, it's a pleasurable experience. In the future, I will continue to create mixed-media pieces in a variety of fields. Soon, I'll be working on a variety of projects. I'm now researching and learning about them.


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